Electronic Gift Cards

The Yoga Rooms offers electronic gift cards for the classes listed below.

Please note: they can not be redeemed for any other courses or classes at the studio.

Buying electronic gift cards

To buy an electronic gift card please email Evka at: [email protected] to let us know:
1. How much you want to spend – minimum spend of £33
2. Who you wish the electronic gift card to be emailed over to and
3. Whether you wish for us to write a special message on your behalf

*Please note we require at least 36 hours to process and send out an electronic gift card, so please don’t request these as ‘very last minute’ gifts.

Redeeming gift cards

If you have received an electronic gift card to be used on one off classes (rather than a course), then please use the gift card code, under the ‘redeem coupon’ section when booking onto the classes.