Privacy at The Yoga Rooms

We respect your privacy and any information we collect about you is for the sole purpose of providing a better service. It may helps us to provide safer and more suitable classes, or an easier to use website.

Personal health

When you sign-up for a course or first visit a class, the teacher may ask for details about your personal health, previous injuries or physical conditions that may effect your ability to perform certain exercises within the class. If you have any concerns at all we highly recommend that you contact the teacher in advance of the class so that the teacher is made aware and can provide advice and reduce the risk of further injury.

Mailing list

If you join our mailing list, we will contact you about information regarding classes and events taking place at our studio. We may also contact you regarding classes we operate at other locations. We may also notify you of related classes or events only if we deem that they would be of interest and are relevant. We are a small independent company, and have no reason to share your contact information with third-parties. We will protect your information as if it was our own.


In some circumstances this site will need to make use of ‘Cookies’ to provide greater functionality. For example: if you want to book a course online, we may use a cookie to keep track of which course it is that you selected throughout the checkout process. We may also store some cookies to provide us with anonymised information about where visitors arrive from, which pages on our site are popular, and what technology visitors are using to view them.