Pilates students practising in class together

Online Dynamic Pilates Flow All Levels

with Alexis Davis

Fridays 10.00 am 11.00 am

Class £9.00 (£6.00 concessions)

Unless otherwise stated, the next class takes place on Friday 31st May 2024

This is a moderate class suitable for
  • Beginners (Level 0)
  • Beginners Plus (Level 1)

Dynamic Pilates flow is a dynamic class made up of movements from the exercise disciplines of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates.

The classes concentrates on connecting the mind and the body through synchronizing movement and breath.

These classes focus on spinal lengthening and alignment, creating space in the body and releasing restrictions, so that energy flow improves.  An all over mobility programme helping to release tension and improve alignment, easing pain and giving you an increased sense of joint freedom when moving, the class also targets under active muscle groups such as the deep abdominal complex, the gluteals and postural muscles, rebalancing the body and improving posture. 

The class aims to help participants feel energised, relaxed and peaceful. 

These classes are fun and no matter what your age, fitness level or physical capability it will encourage you to experience Pilates in a mindful way.


Paying the full price helps offset the cost for those who need to pay a little less, we have a REDUCED code for anyone who can’t afford to pay the full price and a FRIEND code if you can’t afford to pay at all.

You can use these as many times as you want, however we kindly ask that you ONLY use these codes if you genuinely can’t afford to pay the full price so that we can keep paying all of our bills too!

To pay our concession price or claim a free class, please book onto the date you wish to attend your chosen class, then when you scroll down, please click on Redeem coupon where you put REDUCED or FRIEND as a code before you check out.


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