Yoga student in restorative forward fold

Live Online: Preparing for Summer - Restorative Afternoon

with Sara Lucarelli

Saturday 19th June 2021
1.30 pm 4.30 pm

Pre-book £21.00

This is a gentle class suitable for
  • All Levels

This month, we come together to celebrate the resolution of Spring and prepare the mind and body for the summer months ahead. In these transitional periods between seasons, our nourishment comes from returning back to Earth; rooting down, unloading weight, and cleansing the body of stagnation.

A restorative practice, being mainly floor based, is an experience in un-doing and letting go; through the intelligent use of props , time and gravity, we gently unravel through the body whilst giving the mind time to slow down. As we minimise our efforts, we allow the body to reap the maximum benefit of the seeds we sow, releasing the bones, muscles and soft tissue, unwinding from the inside out.

The workshop will move slowly and luxuriously through a sequence intended to help us make way for the rising yang energy of summer – heat, movement, social interactions – and emerge feeling ready and revitalised.

The session closes with a delicious guided relaxation to level the playing-field between heart-centred intuition and near-frantic overthinking; guiding us to a stillness and quiet from which we can be restored.


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