Portrait of yoga teacher Sinead Clair

Sinead Clair

After experiencing the transformative nature of yoga – both on and off the mat – Sinead developed a deep-rooted passion for yoga. A decade of practice and exploration later, she embarked on an accredited 16-month Yogacampus Teacher Training where she learned from The Yoga Rooms’ very own Janine Kelly, Jane Craggs and Louise Tanner. Sinead now works for Yogacampus and continues to enjoy attending trainings with a variety of respected teachers.

At the heart of Sinead’s teaching, lies the intention to connect the mind, body and breath. Incorporating her background in psychology and education, Sinead creates a holistic, inclusive, and empowering environment where you are encouraged to be curious. With a firm belief that yoga is for every body, Sinead encourages you to explore her practices at your own pace and to adapt postures to suit your needs.

In Sinead’s classes, yoga is more than just postures – it’s a practice that fosters connections, honours the self, and deepens awareness. Sinead hopes that her sequences will help you to find a sense of balance, strength and mindfulness that extends beyond the mat.


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