Portrait of Yoga teacher Laura Bartram

Laura Bartram

Yoga is truth. Yoga is about finding the space you need to grow, move, heal and grow again. Laura has been a student of yoga since 2004, and her practise has taken her on many journeys, all of which have offered nurture and escapism on her life’s path. They have always shown up at the right time and supported her when and where she has needed them most. Yoga is intuitive. Yoga is being held and then landing in a space which feels comforting yet expansive.

Emerging from many spaces, yoga has given Laura the strength and hope she has need to move without fear of judgement.

Laura has taught English for 10 years and worked in education for 20 years. She offers a space where words and movement intertwine. Language holds such a strong space for Laura when it comes to yoga. Yoga and language enable us to feel, explore and find our authentic selves both on and off the mat.


Laura Bartram