Portrait of Yoga Teacher Evka Suchomelova

Evka Suchomelova

Evka’s yoga practice and study began in 2004 with Ashtanga Yoga. Since then she has incorporated different styles of Yoga into her practice whilst benefiting from the guidance of a number of notable teachers.

Evka perceives Yoga to be a global art. Evka’s method consists of the experimentation and combination of these different Yoga traditions to realise the harmonious state of body and mind. She believes that the fusion of strong flowing forms with the steady postures and softness of Yin Yoga, complemented by breath awareness reveals a fuller appreciation of Yoga and joy in our everyday experience. Evka’s teaching brings these aspects together with an emphasis on accessibility, and safety through various modifications of posture.

Evka completed her teacher training with Yoga Campus London in 2009 and she still continues attending training courses with distinguished teachers.


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