Sara Lucarelli

I came to Restorative Yoga through a journey beginning in vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga (both great loves of mine!) having always enjoyed the practice as one that rooted me in the moment, with my body and my breath and the challenge of the pose or sequence.

I used to think that the power of yoga was held in classes that made me move in a way that was super physical, fast-paced and sweaty. That to experience a good stretch meant to travel to the edge of my tolerance, competing with myself into stronger postures.

And then I came to restorative yoga. First tentatively with mini-nidras and yin postures held for longer periods of time, and then to train with wonderful teachers in the art of total relaxation. These practices drew me in and settled my body, breath and mind in a way that I hadn’t been able to achieve in my yoga practice. A real sense of having rested the bones on the earth and softened the tissue and fascia of the body, surrendered to the ground. In this way I was able to feel deep muscle release, awareness and control of the breath and genuine relaxation.

Through immersive studies with teachers including Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Beverley Nolan I have been able to understand the anatomy and physiology of Restorative Yoga on our miracle bodies and how intuitive it is, all on its own.

And that’s when I understood the real depth of a yoga practice. A balance of deep inner awareness with a sense of releasing all physical effort; putting the baggage down and arriving home to yourself. Through the intelligent use of props, gentle prompts and a nurturing supportive space, students can experience a truly transformational practice. I keep a special space in my personal practice for Restorative Yoga and am always delighted to share it’s wisdom with students both new to yoga and those with more experience.


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