Portrait of yoga teacher, Naomi Kenny

Naomi Kenny

Naomi was first introduced to Yoga around the age of 12. Her mum would whisk herself off every week for a couple of hours and Naomi was intrigued as to where she went to so she decided to tag along. The following years she practiced intermittently until she visited the physio due to a congenital back problem and he recommended yoga. This gave her the push to practice more frequently, attending classes at the gym, searching for more classes and different styles of Yoga.

In 2017, Naomi attended a teacher training with Vidya Hiesel at Suryalila. In addition to teaching the fundamentals of being a Yoga teacher, Vidya focuses on longevity of practice building the perfect foundation for any budding Yoga teacher. Following this teacher training, she started teaching regularly almost straight away combining this with her day job as a cardiac physiologist.

It was again personal circumstances that introduced her to Yin. She loved the practice and found it gave her more balance. It provided the time to turn inward and find mental clarity. This culminated in her Yin teacher training with senior teacher Jackie Quale.

Naomi’s favourite thing about teaching yoga is the surprise of not knowing why any one student is in class on any given day; some people come because they want to move physically, some people come because they want to meditate and some people come because they just want someone else to tell them what to do for an hour! However, she genuinely believe you will fulfil your reason for coming and so much more.


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