Portrait of Pilates teacher, Kirsty Kindt

Kirsty Kindt

Kirsty started attending Pilates classes when she was studying fitness, health and exercise in College in 2006 and found the power of concentrated Pilates movements really effective.

Kirsty had grown up playing rugby and hockey so, naturally, was inflexible and tight, going to regular Pilates classes allowed her to explore and be more mindful of her body while improving her flexibility and reducing general aches she got from her sports. She quickly realised she had found her passion and did a fitness Pilates course to compliment her personal training. Since then she has attended many other Pilates courses over the years and now has 12 years teaching experience working with groups and 1:1s, helping people on their Pilates journeys.

Kirsty is passionate about keeping her clients fit and healthy and feels Pilates is such an important exercise for any lifestyle. Her teaching style is influenced by her sporting background, she likes to challenge people by working through the body using a wide variety of Pilates exercises in each class. She uses the fundamental principles of Pilates in a flow type style, allowing everyone to focus on how their bodies move by giving adaptions to allow individuals to participate within their own boundaries. She hopes everyone will enjoy Pilates as much as she does.


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