Portrait of yoga teacher Ellen Falcucci-Lear

Ellen Falcucci-Lear

Ellen (she/her) has been practicing a variety of yoga styles for the past 10 years and has deep and profound love for the transformative space that yoga allows. As a student, she first ventured into the world of ashtanga, has trained in vinyasa and is intrigued by the realm of somatics, discovering and experimenting with each new day.

With a background in art and dance, you can expect flowy, creative and strong classes accessible to all levels.

Ellen creates a safe environment to play and tap into the self, focusing on mind-body connection and awareness. Bringing elements of yogic philosophy will enable students to tap into their spiritual side if they so desire, you can expect some chanting and breath work to aid you into relaxation and meditation.


Ellen Falcucci-Lear