Portrait of Yoga Teacher, Donna McCafferey

Donna McCafferey

Donna began practicing Ashtanga Yoga with Rolf Naujokat at the end of 1998, when she happened across a class on her way to the beach in Goa.

She began teaching in 2012 after realizing how much the practice had transformed her life, and that she would like to pass on some of the benefits she had gained to others. She completed a week’s intensive TT with David Swenson in 2012, and a 200 hour Teacher Training with John Scott in 2014. She has also completed two, week long CPD trainings with John in 2015 and 2016.

In 2017 she was Authorised by Manju Jois to teach Primary and Intermediate series of the Ashtanga method. She continues to practice with John Scott, Manju and Rolf whenever she can.

Donna is registered with Independent Yoga Network as a 500 hour teacher.

“I love the Ashtanga system because it is so transformative and when practiced traditionally is perfect for everyone. Now I can’t imagine my life without yoga.

I teach Ashtanga as it is the only yoga I know and I love the intelligence and the logic of it! I use the counted vinyasa system because it helps to keep focus during a led class, and has really helped me to understand this system properly. I like to encourage people to find their own practice and take as much time as they need to work at the postures. Every body is different so although a led class teaches a set sequence, there is always a way of modifying the posture to suit your body on that day.

This practice has transformed my life and helped me to uncover the light that, for so long lay hidden within me! I love the Idea that through yoga you can help others to find their own light and change the world one person at a time!”


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