Portrait of yoga teacher, Armenia Ray

Armenia Ray

Armenia Ray is a Spirit Shaman & Medicine Woman. Her mission is to empower people to live their highest truth, soul purpose & awaken to the miracle of life. By shining a light on the shadows we can shift our realities. She leads activating & empowering healing ceremonies, as well as one to one energy healing sessions working in quantum meta-physics. She is here to help awaken those parts you that are longing to be integrated & embodied.

Her work is connected to lineages she has trained & studied in, including Shamanism, Theta Healing, Reiki Seichem & Light Language. She holds the codes of the pampamesayoc rites & a Munay-Ki Teacher, deeply connected to all of the elements.

She guides you to your souls callings. It maybe a deep shift in your life to make space for the new, a deeper connection to your soul, tools to empower you going forward… Through her work, she empowers & inspires us to create our own realities deep from our heart & soul, by assisting us in clearing emotional blockages & self-limiting beliefs to bring abundance, revelations, joy and peace.


Armenia Ray