A student practices building core strength in a Pilates posture.

Online Pilates: Technique Focus Course

with Alexis Davis

Saturdays 10.00 am 11.00 am

Course £32.00 (£24.00 concessions), 4-week course

This is a moderate class suitable for
  • All Levels

This 4 week course will focus on the lateral sling.

The lateral sling is responsible for keeping the pelvis aligned during single leg and reciprocal leg movements. When we strengthen this muscle sling we improve our stability, balance and power. Strengthening the lateral muscle sling takes the load off the lower back and pelvis and medial muscle sling (adductors/ inner thigh) reducing back pain, piriformis pain, knee pain and groin strains.

We will also practice exercises which work to reduce the rotations of the pelvis – pelvic rotation commonly leads to lower back and hip pain. By the end of this course you will notice an improvement in core and leg strength.

This course is a great place for someone with no Pilates experience to begin to gain the benefits of this therapeutic practice but is equally useful to anyone who already practices but wants to take their practice to the next level.


Paying the full price helps offset the cost for those who need to pay a little less, we have a REDUCED-PILATES code for anyone who can’t afford to pay the full price and a FRIEND code if you can’t afford to pay at all.

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